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Xthrill brings together 100% unadulterated extreme sports with an assurance of international safety standards.

The equipments are UIAA (Union Internationale Des Association D’Alpinisme; The International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation) and EN ( European Norms ) approved.

The identified activity locations are tested, worked on and scrutinized thoroughly by our outdoor experts.  

Outdoor Experts 
•  Zbac is known for its experience and expertise in selecting high quality ‘Outdoor Experts’ who are trained and then go through a process of certification from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute (HMI), Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NMI), which runs by the Army.   

• The Outdoor Experts are also trained in First Aid and CPR from Red Cross , which gives strong credibility to the workforce. 

We follow three levels of safety. 

1. Participant Preparedness 
2. Activity Design 
3. Incident Protocol (reactive)

First two are preventive, third is reactive.

  • Safety Equipment used is from Petzl (France), approved by UIAA, CE and is tested for breaking strength.
  • Safety systems are pre-checked.
  • Our technical team and field leaders are trained to understand the group and make on-field improvisations which are usually safety calls.
  • Our technical team consists of qualified instructors. Our instructors need to undergo mountaineering courses from premier institutions like Western Himalayan Mountaineering Institution or Nehru Institute of Mountaineering.
  • Xthrill Adventure Academy practices unilateral communication process and improved methodology to strive at quality and high safety standards.
  • Also, we follow internal protocol for leaving the least to chance.

Before you proceed, each participant will be required to fill up a safety a form which mentions the health details.

Physical approval is required for participation for participants with any of these conditions from a qualified physician or a doctor.

  • High blood pressure (>145/90)
  • Unstable cardiovascular or respiratory conditions
  • Active back or joint problems (recent or recurring injuries)
  • Post-partum (<6 weeks since giving birth)
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, epilepsy, or seizures

Xthrill Adventure Academy believes that “Everything is Possible!”

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