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Years ago, Japanese manufacturers were threatened with higher quality products that often cost less. The response was the Quality Revolution. US manufacturers embraced Quality Circles, TQM and other methods, or they did not survive.

Now, the world is more interconnected and complex. Globalisation is well and truly upon us and moving at ‘fast-forward’ speed.

It is often heard that in order to be innovative, we must start thinking ‘outside the box'. Employees should be provided with innovation tools which would unlock and enhance their innovation skills, generating ideas to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of their jobs and their business.

Corporate responsibility should extend into ensuring that, this basic need of soft skills for newly inducted sets of employees to remain employable, is met in a planned and effective manner. Otherwise, the loss will be borne by both the employers and the employees.

With the right tools, employees can begin thinking innovatively at any time, working alone or in groups to tackle simple or complex problems.

Experiential learning with the blend of adventure and outbound are proven and effective method to train, prepare Corporate executives irrespective of their levels and responsibilities within the cooperate world.

Xthrill’s experiential learning programme enhances inherent potential, strengths and improvement areas of an individual for high performance.

Xthrill believes in “Results” rather than “Training”

We achieve this by using our wide range of activities.

Experiential Learning Modules

GRID - Leadership

Team Synergy

Empower and Excel

Change Management

Passion to Win

Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness

Innovation and Creativity

Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP)

Lifestyle Management -Yoga and Meditation

Disaster Management

First Aid

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