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Set against the stunning backdrop the rugged terrain of the sahyadris and a soaring uninterrupted horizon, Xthrill Adventure Academy is located within the sprawling green expanse of the hill city of Lavasa.

For those of you whose idea of entertainment veers off the beaten track, Xthrill Adventure Academy is the answer.
Managed by Z-Bac under able guidance of Mr. Prasad Deole, a leadership coach, Trainer and Capt. Swaminathan,
Ex-Army officer. The combination of Prasad’s management and spiritual base along with Capt. Swaminathan’s infantry background gave unique learning experience in the management world.

With the widest range of activities at one place there is something here for every age. So whether your element of challenge is land, water or air, we open up the possibilities of a new and thrilling experience for you.

Xthrill Adventure Academy brings together 100% unadulterated extreme sport with the assurance of international safety standards.

The one-stop for Corporate Events , Extreme sports and Recreational Sports.

Campsite Facilities

Well planned operational area of 3.5 acres dedicated for sporting and adventure activities for the die-hard sports enthusiasts. Situated in the lap of Sahyadri hills and a lush landscape the Xthrill Adventure Academy Campsite is a Ship-deck setup divided into landing, middle and upper.

It's an architectural marvel sensitively integrated with the surrounding environment

Accommodation Facilities for up to 60 participants with a total of 20 AC tents
– 10 Two-men & 11 Four-Men
with dedicated Bathroom & Toilet facilities. The Bamboo furniture inside these AC-Tents adds to the overall theme and brings you closer to nature.

Workshops Venue #1, is an air-conditioned conference room that can accommodate up to 25 participants at one time. It can be set up as per the workshop design.

Workshops Venue #2, has a capacity to acreating Valucommodate 50 participants.

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